Salvatore Leggiero (Leggiero UK Ltd, Camera Fiorentina Orchestra) arrested in Italy

Just got the news of the arrest of Salvatore Leggiero, the man who turns pumkins into buildings and buildings into pumpkins.

Salvatore Leggiero is a real estate entrepreneur, founder of Leggiero UK Ltd (along with a certain Halim Saad, CEO CEO at Vega Capital Management) and of a large number of other companies.

One website, which appears well informed, describes Salvatore Leggiero this way:

“Pupil and loyal friend of Marcello Dell’Utri – a gentleman currently serving a prison sentence for “complicity in conspiracy with the Mafia” – Leggiero started out as an encyclopedia salesman  and today, by a cultural miracle, has become President of the Florentine Chamber Orchestra.

Salvatore Leggiero is well known for the many palazzi he has bought in Florence, with the pennies he saved selling his encyclopedias, from Hotel Majestic to the House of Annalena, from Palazzo Buondelmonti to Palazzo Ricasoli.

One of these is Palazzo Santarelli in Via della Chiesa 44-46-48-50, in Oltrarno.

An area donated by the American Red Cross to the people of the district in 1920, for ninety years the hub of local life with its kindergarten, playground and much else. The children were booted out in 2012 and the building and its garden were turned into luxury flats and a parking lot, at least according to Leggiero’s brochures.”

Which is the reason why we who live in and love the Oltrarno are interested in this gentleman and his adventurous career.

The co-director general of the Banca Popolare di Bari bank, Gianluca Jacobini, is apparently accused of deliberately making risky loans which led first to the collapse of the bank, and then to the arrest of Jacobini himself, his father and Salvatore Leggiero, a key beneficiary of these loans.

An odd detail.

Until 2018, the prefect of Florence (a figure representing the central government and the Ministry of the Interior) was Alessio Giuffrida. He has now retired, but he is still Honorary President of Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina, or the Florentine Chamber Orchestra.

Now, Salvatore Leggiero is its President.

This can clearly be seen on the website of Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina:

In these Covid days, we are all getting used to working from home, so I suppose Smart Presidenting under house arrest won’t be a difficult job.

And maybe Salvatore Leggiero will find time to update his LinkedIn profile, where his latest experience in home working seems to be missing.

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  1. Moi scrive:

    … Why do you need an English version about this “Tradition&Innovation Conjugator” ?


    • Z. scrive:

      Beh, l’articolo in italiano ha riscosso scarso interesse, così Miguel prova a rivolgersi al pubblico internazionale 🙂

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