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Architects and Popular Urbanologists

Our commenter Peucezio, who often has paradoxical but brilliant reflections, writes : “Architects are by definition enemies of the human race.” My reply. We have so many architects in our ranks, here in the resistance in Florence’s Oltrarno, that we … Continue reading

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The world our fathers built for us, and the No Incinerator Moms

Originally in Italian Yesterday I got onto bus 35 to the Piagge district of Florence, where there was a meeting of the Mamme No Inceneritore (“No Incinerator Moms”). Along the way, one can understand the inevitable rise of a movement … Continue reading

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‘Islamic bomb’ in Milan, Italian father knifes his daughter, and Mara Carfagna escort-cum-minister against niqab and burqa

At Osimo, in the Marche region, an Italian father tried to kill his own daughter with a knife because she had an Albanian boyfriend. The crime is described in a very reasonable fashion in the media: a man who went … Continue reading

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